The late, great Harvey Dent once said:  “You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain.”

Powerful words from a man who would become the perfect Phantom of The Opera cosplayer soon after.  But to continue my expulsion of emotions from the aftermath of the Cubs becoming a bonafide champion, I recently came across an article that perfectly explains the two paths the organization can take going forward. 

Over on Deadspin, there’s a great piece written by Hamilton Nolan titled, “Congratulations Chicago. Now Get Over It.”

It boils down to the Cubs fans either taking the High Road, Yankee-like, We-Expect-To-Win-Every-Season-So-What approach… or becoming insufferable Red Sox Massholes imbued with the false bravado that comes with ending a ridiculously long Championship drought and acting like the awful years never happened. 

If anything good that might come out of this unpleasant reality I’m about to spend my winter suffering thru, it’s that the Cubs choose the former route.  Taking this dynasty seriously, focusing on crushing their competition like they are mere gnats buzzing too close to their ears is a path I can respect.  It’s boring as hell, just ask the San Antonio Spurs, but this season is put on the shelf, never to be fawned over the following season. 

Dear God, what have I done?  The Cubs have won a World Series and all I can do is write about it.  Fuck. Ok. Next post will be about something completely different.  Anyone got a topic to let me babble on for a few hundred words?  Leave a comment! 

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