And now for your Near-Annual Post from Yours Truly!

Oh man…. what a year!  It’s only been 51 weeks (!!!) since my last post and you know I have like 20,000 words ready to spill onto the page, going into minute detail on all of the living I’ve been doing here on this planet.

So lets start where I left off…

  • I can guarantee you, dear reader, if the Cubbies had actually pulled off a repeat of last year’s nightmarish championship… I would not have written such a thoughtful praising of that accomplishment.  Thank goodness that was the only near miss of a potential apocalyptic disaster we as a society had to face in 2017!
  • The Bears only won three games last year and lo and behold in just 7 games they have already reached that total! Hell, they might even have a couple more if Mike Glennon and his giraffe neck didn’t stink up the field.  I’m just so glad the defense is actually making opposing offenses scared while covering for the fact that our rookie QB (MMMMMIIIIIIIITTTTTCCHHHHHH!!) only throws the ball 2 to 7 times a game.
  • The Sox went ahead and decided to follow my first plan of action and sold off every player on the team worth a damn…. and got themselves a HELL of a return in prospects… Chris Sale (Moncada/Kopech)… Adam Eaton (Giolito/Lopez/Dunning)… and maybe the best of them all Jose Quintana (Eloy “The Bess” Jiminez and Dylan Cease) all got shipped out of town (well, not Jose… he moved 8 miles north…)  And the Sox became the most fun 65 win team to watch in my lifetime.  Probably more losing to come, but they are not going to be down for much longer!
  • The Bulls got in the playoffs somehow, lost, trades Jimmy Butler for a bag of magic beans and a player to be named later, then just before the new season started one of their bad players punched another bad player in the face and broke his jaw. In practice. So… yeah, moving on.
  • And the Blackhawks got swept in the first round and I really… didn’t… care.  Sorry, I’m an unabashed bandwagon Hawks fan. I slept like a baby when they were eliminated and I’ll check back in a few weeks before the playoffs start.

So that’s all for the Sports portion of my return to WordPress and if I don’t see you for another 12 months or so… it certainly won’t be for a lack of trying!  It will likely be the lack of a serviceable power grid after North Korean nukes destroy America!

Good Night!

About Lenny G

Leonard “Not Al” Gore, 35 year old Black White Sox fan/husband/father. 2006 University of Illinois-Champaign graduate, shared a class with the starting 5 of the Finals squad. Told my girlfriend in February 2005 we’d get married when the White Sox won the World Series. Improbably had to do the deed 3 years later. Capricorn. Christmas Eve baby (don’t get me started). I love baseball, Stephen King and Douglas Adams novels, and the entire filmography of the greatest living actor Nicolas Cage. Best job: Working for the Cubs (sorry) in 2007-2008 as an original operator of the first electronic ribbon boards at Wrigley, met Uecker, Santo, Ernie, and celebs like Keith Olbermann and I peed next to Tim Robbins. First time blogging in any official capacity and long time reader of SSS. Tim Anderson has blocked me on Twitter but you can still follow me @Leonard42 and l.j.gore_83 on Insta.
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