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Leonard “Not Al” Gore, 35 year old Black White Sox fan/husband/father. 2006 University of Illinois-Champaign graduate, shared a class with the starting 5 of the Finals squad. Told my girlfriend in February 2005 we’d get married when the White Sox won the World Series. Improbably had to do the deed 3 years later. Capricorn. Christmas Eve baby (don’t get me started). I love baseball, Stephen King and Douglas Adams novels, and the entire filmography of the greatest living actor Nicolas Cage. Best job: Working for the Cubs (sorry) in 2007-2008 as an original operator of the first electronic ribbon boards at Wrigley, met Uecker, Santo, Ernie, and celebs like Keith Olbermann and I peed next to Tim Robbins. First time blogging in any official capacity and long time reader of SSS. Tim Anderson has blocked me on Twitter but you can still follow me @Leonard42 and l.j.gore_83 on Insta.

Thoughts on The White Sox and Manny Machado by an Angry Black Sox Fan.

As of 12:07 PM CST, we are officially just over 24 hours since Manny Machado accepted $300 Million in guaranteed money from the San Diego Padres. Outside of actual Baseball-related defeats, this is the biggest disappointment in my 35 years … Continue reading

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Time(less) is a flat circle

Not again. Goddammit, NBC did it to me again. For the 2nd time, Timeless has been cancelled by the Peacock Network and…its more heartbreaking than the first axing. The time-travel drama that had a rag-tag team of good guys fighting … Continue reading

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Holy Crap, Is This Thing Still On?

Yes, it’s me.  I need to decide on what the hell I want to write about.  I’m pretty bad at keeping up on things it turns out.  In fact, I think I would like to write more… it’s just you … Continue reading

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And now for your Near-Annual Post from Yours Truly!

Oh man…. what a year!  It’s only been 51 weeks (!!!) since my last post and you know I have like 20,000 words ready to spill onto the page, going into minute detail on all of the living I’ve been doing … Continue reading

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The late, great Harvey Dent once said:  “You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain.” Powerful words from a man who would become the perfect Phantom of The Opera cosplayer soon after. … Continue reading

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Worst Case Scenario: A White Sox Fan’s Thoughts on a Cubs Championship

Well Thank God That’s Over… Let’s get this part out of the way:  The Chicago Cubs were legitimately the best baseball team in the Major Leagues this season.  They deserved this outcome based purely on every objective analysis of their … Continue reading

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365 Days Later…

And now for your annual Chicago Gore Post! It has been literally a whole calendar year since my last entry and that is… I don’t even know what word to use.   Incredible? Sad? Impressive? Depressing? I’ll let you (you did … Continue reading

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