Time(less) is a flat circle

Not again.

Goddammit, NBC did it to me again.

For the 2nd time, Timeless has been cancelled by the Peacock Network and…its more heartbreaking than the first axing. The time-travel drama that had a rag-tag team of good guys fighting to save history from a centuries old organization hell bent on shaping reality by kicking up the past was more than just a regular sci-fi show.

Timeless taught us history dammit. And not just a rehashing of well known figures and events. It brought to light many of the untold stories behind what made them outwardly significant. Like did you know the man who inspired the Lone Ranger was Black? Or Citizen Kane quite possibly prevented a stranglehold on independent news? Or how Hollywood Star Hedy Lamaar was a Freaking Scientist and Inventor? Yeah, that’s the stuff Timeless gave to us. And NBC couldn’t find a way.

And my man Rufus. Fuck… I knew this show was going to be my shit after his rant at a racist white cop basically telling him that he’s in for a rude awakening at the prolific rise of African Americans and their culture in the upcoming decades. As Rufus expertly said, “Pretty much any black dude named Michael…” And now he is dead (sorry, spoilers but honestly what’s the point if this is actually the end) and Future Wyatt and Lucy have comeback just in time for Lucy (mixed metaphor confusion alert!) to pull the football away from Charlie Brown.

Now NBC allegedly will try to give Timeless a 2 hour movie to wrap things up but that prospect is hit (hooray for Sense8) and miss (Deadwood still ain’t happening). Honestly, fine. I’d take it. But fuck me, it’ll be really tough to enjoy it. But Brooklyn Nine-Nine got a second chance (glad you found space for them NBC). Lucifer made a deal with the… we’ll never mind and got a new life. And Roseanne dressed up as a literal Nazi and called a black woman an ape and ABC moved heaven and earth (and Roseanne) to bring back a show nobody asked for in the first place!

So to wrap this all up. I fully understand that being this affected by a fictional tv show is silly in the light of the truly awful reality this country (and planet) is dealing with thanks to you know who. But shit, Timeless was a bit of light and goodness that I could hold onto if only for an hour a week (oh and don’t think I will forgive NBC for putting the show on Sunday (ok) at 10pm Eastern (wtf) so families had to decide whether watching Timeless was worth less sleep before work or school That was a real dick move.)

I hope that a miracle happens and a full season 3 is ordered on Netflix/Hulu/Amazon/SyFy. Even if they say yes but we aren’t doing any seasons after that I’d be on board. But this was not how a how should be treated. With a Friday Bad News Dump and another season of Chicago Santiation/Deli/Etc Show.


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