Thoughts on The White Sox and Manny Machado by an Angry Black Sox Fan.

As of 12:07 PM CST, we are officially just over 24 hours since Manny Machado accepted $300 Million in guaranteed money from the San Diego Padres. Outside of actual Baseball-related defeats, this is the biggest disappointment in my 35 years as a Sox fan. Yes, bigger than the White Flag Trade of ’97 and that time Drake LaRoche destroyed the clubhouse chemistry. (I wonder how he’s doing…)

Anyway, I spent the good part of yesterday furiously tweeting my rage and anger at anyone that was willing to listen. It was obscene, really. Rick Hahn, Kenny Williams, Jerry Reinsdorf, various deities, Ben Shapiro (yes, evidently ol Ben is a White Sox fan), anyone and everyone who had a hand in this colossal failure got a piece of my mind.

Think about it.

The White Sox, unable to even get above .500 with Chris Sale, Jose Quintana, Adam Eaton, decided to give away 2 whole seasons (2016-2017), sell off anybody with a pulse and some trade value, pare down the payroll to the point that literally there was only Tim Anderson slated to make real money, all in the hopes to be in the position in 2019 to take on Manny Machado or Bryce Harper.

And then the time came. Manny strikes out to end the World Series and the White Sox were on the clock to do the damn thing and pay [clap] the [Clap] man! [THUNDER CLAP]. And the Usual Suspects were expected to do their thing and back up the truck for Manny…. but hold up! What’s this?

  • The Dodgers have 17 outfielders and will pay a big ass tax to take on Manny? PASS.
  • The Yankees, Manny’s childhood favorite team, say “Heavens, No! We’re the Yankees! We are known for our Fiscal Responsibility!” PASS.
  • Nearly Every other MLB team that without a doubt could pay Manny what he wants. PASS PASS PASS.

and so it came to pass [heh heh]: The White Sox had virtually zero competition and could moonwalk the contract over to Manny’s agent and the rest would be White Sox History….


Then the rumors start trickling in.

Padres GM flies to meet Manny… SD offer is substantially better…

No. This can’t be. We were explicitly told there were no financial restrictions on this pursuit. It’s not exactly saying they’ll spend “Stupid Money”, but I would think this means “oh that’s cute, $300 Mil from San Diego? BAM! $300,000,001!” [cue Price is Right winner music]

And then the MLB At Bat notification pops down from the top of my phone. After about 2.7 seconds in the Denial stage, I hit the Anger stage HARD. [refer to my TL @Leonard42]. Bargaining and Depression will come eventually. Then Acceptance will settle in as I am rapidly coming to the realization that the Sox sold us a bunch of bullshit for 2 years, then decided to Gator-arm and lose the ability to find their checkbook when the bill came due.

The story of what Manny Machado wanted was very simple. $300 million. Write the check and he’s wearing Black and White for a decade. But what do these cheapskates do?

They said no.

Take $250. Take 2 less years. Stay for all 8 years. At the end of that time, when you are 34, if you can make 550 plate appearances you will get another $50 million for two years (oh and don’t worry about inflation, that math would be too difficult). If not, good luck as a 34 year old shortstop with 2 prior knee surgeries recouping that lost income.

That’s what Rick Hahn means when he says “creative” “potentially more lucrative” “better offer”. He knew he had to find some way of gaslighting me and all Sox fans that spent the last 3 months waiting for a reward they knew wouldn’t come. How dare they? Wimpy offered a better deal when he said he’d pay me Tuesday for a hamburger today! AND THAT BASTARD STILL HASNT PAID ME BACK!

but I digress.

So after all this, what’s next? Well Bryce will be a Not White Sox. Nolan Arenado and every FA now know this organization needs #ThoughtsAndPrayers to make up for their deficient offers. And Jerry Reinsdorf has $250-350 million more dollars to bury with him. And I’ll still root for the team goddammit. I’ll still root for Eloy (and fuck me if they don’t pay him in 7 years…), I’ll hope and pray the other prospects all pan out and stop blowing out ACLs and Elbow ligaments (oh wasn’t the Basabe hand breaking just the cherry on the sundae?). And I hope to take my son to his first Sox game this season. That’s all the hope I got tho.

Not even a patented Yolmer Gatorade shower will make this pain go away.

See y’all next time.

About Lenny G

Leonard “Not Al” Gore, 35 year old Black White Sox fan/husband/father. 2006 University of Illinois-Champaign graduate, shared a class with the starting 5 of the Finals squad. Told my girlfriend in February 2005 we’d get married when the White Sox won the World Series. Improbably had to do the deed 3 years later. Capricorn. Christmas Eve baby (don’t get me started). I love baseball, Stephen King and Douglas Adams novels, and the entire filmography of the greatest living actor Nicolas Cage. Best job: Working for the Cubs (sorry) in 2007-2008 as an original operator of the first electronic ribbon boards at Wrigley, met Uecker, Santo, Ernie, and celebs like Keith Olbermann and I peed next to Tim Robbins. First time blogging in any official capacity and long time reader of SSS. Tim Anderson has blocked me on Twitter but you can still follow me @Leonard42 and l.j.gore_83 on Insta.
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