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NaBloPoMo Day 7: Trifecta Week 102

“Dead Hearts & Crafts” Jake was currently in quite the pickle. Well, not a literal pickle… science clearly has yet to reach that final frontier. No, this pickle was less dill and more of the “back-against-the-wall, down-to-one-bullet, slowly-yet-steadily-approaching-zombie, ready-to-eat-your-face-clean-off” variety. Jake … Continue reading

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Trifextra #91: Beast Mode

Ok, lets give this Trifextra another run!  This week’s theme: It’s now time for some Trifextra fun. Thirty years ago, Roald Dahl published the book Dirty Beasts, a collection of poems for children about weird and wonderful animals. The last … Continue reading

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Trifecta #100 – PHANTOM

Here’s my submission for the 100th Trifecta Challenge! Phantom 3 :  a representation of something abstract, ideal, or incorporeal <she was a phantom of delight — William Wordsworth> *************************************************** *thump!* Gray, sludge-like brain matter dripped from the freshly burrowed hole in … Continue reading

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Trifextra #66 – The Origins of the most Dangerous Supervillain of ALL TIME

As a superhero fan, I was very excited when this week’s Trifextra was ammended to include Super(villains)!  And this allows me to give 33 words to my most favorite one of all time:  The Astoundingly Annoying Mr. Mxyxptlk! ************************* An imp … Continue reading

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Trifecta Week 74: Sealed – Cont’d

  (So thanks to the positive response to my previous Trifextra entry “Sealed” and to the general agreement that such a cliffhanger needed to be explored further, I’m going to give this a shot and actually continue one of these stories … Continue reading

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Trifextra Week Sixty Four – “Sealed”

This weekend we’re asking for exactly 33 of your own words plus the following three words: charge century lost ************************************************************ “Sealed” We’ve lost containment of the specimen. It will be decades, maybe a century before its safe to leave the … Continue reading

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Trifecta Week 73: Color Me Badd

Previously, on Trifextra Week 63: I just wanted to clarify something for everybody who read and commented on my previous Trifextra #63 entry.  Some of the comments for that post were very kind reassurances that someday the Chicago Cubs will win … Continue reading

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