NaBloPoMo Day 11: Lenny’s Day Off

Today is Veterans Day and as an employee of the State of Illinois, we get the perk of getting today off! Now first, thank you to all the veterans who are currently serving in active duty status or have served in the past. You guys and gals are like 1000 times braver than I am and you all deserve our gratitude and respect.

So today, I took my day to do some much needed laundry. I tend to wait to the last second when doing this. I know it sounds awful, but hey nobody reads this right? Right?

And the other thing I got to enjoy was some quality gaming time with the PS3. My game of choice is Dead Island. A pretty good zombie killing game. Most games tend to focus on the shooting and aiming for head shots, but this game focuses on hand-to-hand combat. You get to create devastating melee weapons (Flaming electrified Machetes anyone?). And guns don’t even show up until halfway thru the game!

Lots of fun and intense as hell! Give it a try!


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