NaBloPoMo Day 4: Are You Ready For Some Football?

English: GO BEARS

GO BEARS (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

 It’s time once again for the longest-running rivalry in the NFL to begin as my beloved Chicago Bears take on the hated (i.e. more successful) Green Bay Packers on Monday Night Football

I’ve been both hopeful and dreading this game for many varied and compelling reasons:

Why I Hope: Its been 2 weeks (plus 1 day) since the last Bears game; Bears on MNF where they’ve been quite respectable the last few seasons;  Aaron “Discount Double-Check” Rodgers has lost only 2 game to the Bears (both on MNF); the Pod People that are the Bears outstanding offense; and…… um…. This guy?


Da ‘Stache  (Photo credit: silverfuture)

Why I Dread: Aaron Rodgers’ terrifying ability to turn unknown WR’s into Jerry Rice clones; Lambeau Field (where Bears dreams go to die); the Bears’ Swiss Cheese defensive line vs. Green Bay’s running game; Jordy Nelson; John Gruden; no Lance Briggs; my stomach’s chances of holding down food if this game gets ugly fast.

 The one saving grace I hold onto here is that Jay Cutler’s history against the Packers (especially on their side of the Cheese Curtain) has been ABYSMALMaybe… just maybe, Josh McCown (*shudders upon realizing his name too easily compares to Cade McNown*)  can channel the ghost of Kyle Orton and give the Bears a chance by simply just not being terrible. 


English: Kyle Orton of the Chicago Bears sport...

Orton & his neckbeard(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So can the Bears win this game?  Well given the fact that just yesterday: The Seahawks had to rally from 21 points down at home (!) against the winless Tampa Bay Buccaneers (!!!) to win in OT; the Eagles 3rd 2nd string QB throws 7 TDs in one game; and the Jets come off a 40 point loss last week to beat the Drew Brees and the Saints… This means anything’s possible I suppose. 

And since anything’s possible… I’m not seeing how the Bears win this one (sorry guys…) even with the much improved offense, the D that couldn’t stop a 65% functional RG3 from scoring at will 2 weeks ago is the same D that will be facing Aaron Rodgers and his magic arm. 

Bold Prediction (Bold! Get it? oh you don’t care? right.. moving on):  Packers 38 – Bears 24

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2 Responses to NaBloPoMo Day 4: Are You Ready For Some Football?

  1. Gina says:

    I got the bold! This game has “blow out” written all over it. I am hopeful with McCown as well. We shall see. I will watch until it gets ugly. If it gets ugly…

    • lennygore says:

      If they can get to halftime either in the lead or trailing by a reasonable amount… That’s good enough! My expectations are low so I won’t be sad if they get blown out lol

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