Castle’s Theory of Exclusivity

So Jaime and I were watching our new favorite show Castle last night… (I know it’s been on for a few seasons but we caught a random episode rerun on TNT and since have hooked to the point of binge watching 4-5 episodes a night… #insomnia here we come!)

Anyway, this episode involved one character who was days away from getting married to his fiancée right? So Castle, who works with the NYPD to help solve homicides, finds out thru an investigation that a murdered Ladies Man had a book filled with pictures and notes on the dozens of women he had slept with. One of the entries was the fiancée of Castle’s friend and it was dated one month after the two started dating!

Naturally, Castle wanted to warn his friend, but the female detective in their team (and Castle’s love interest of course) thinks they should keep it from him.

Turns out the guy already knew that his fiancée was in this book and was ok with it because 1 month of dating didn’t mean they were exclusive and he accepted she fell for this guy’s charms one time.

I guess the question I want to know is How long does a couple have to date until they say they are “exclusive”? I said 2 weeks of steady dating but maybe it just depends on when the acknowledgement that the two people want to be pseudo-committed to each other happens. What do you all think?


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