Opening the Facebook Time Capsule – “Working For the Enemy”

Ok, I was perusing through my Facebook “Notes” section and I came up on a post from that wild and crazy year of 2007, back when we only had White Male presidents.  It was my first day working at Wrigley Field and it still stands today as the most fun job I’ve ever had (despite watching Cubs baseball every day…)  This is the unedited post:

Well folks, this report of my first day will be written by a sullen Sox fan as they are getting CREAMED 9-2 after not even 2 damn innings. *Sigh* But I will soldier on.

So first things first, today is the first day of the CTA Brown Line Deconstruction, which will very much affect the Red Line and my train rides to the stadium. So not wanting to look like an Ass and show up an hour late because of the trains, I got on around 8, giving myself 90 minutes or so to be there, thinking I would need every minute just to make it. Yeah.. got there in like 30 minutes. Not sure if that’s how it’ll be every day, but hopefully it’ll be all good for me.

– Sat at the McDonald’s across the street.. tried to eat a McGriddle and a hash brown, couldn’t finish either, probably my stomach showing it’s contempt for what I was about to embark on. (Funny Cubs Related Item: The store was covered with assorted Cubs “stuff”; my favorite piece was the framed pair of Cubs’ World Series tickets from that great October Classic in 2001. Yes..2001. You remember? The Cubs defeated the Nobodies from Anywhere? 100 games to -8? Yeah those were the days.)

– Met the other three people I’ll be working with. There’s Brooke, graduate of Texas U. (hook ’em horns) , Christian, the fellow U of Illinois alum, and Chris, the grizzled veteran who’s been in the department for a while and always walked around with a cigarette and Jack & Coke in each hand. Kidding! (Interesting Note: None of us new guys and girls actually applied for this position. We all basically got this as the consolation prize. We also won $10 for 2nd place in a beauty contest.)

– Konerko homers! Browns 11 – Bears 3… Crap.

– Met the interim boss Max. Cool dude, has some long hair and a goatee, also bartends and plays in a rock band on the side.

– Got a tour of the park, went to the radar gun (one of my jobs is to display the gun readings on the boards), the two places where I’ll be working: One is a small room with computers and a big tv bank; the other up above the press box where I’ll be doing all the balls, strikes, outs, and such. Promise to find a way to secretly throw spitwads at Jay Marrioti.

– Went thru the front offices, met pretty much everybody in all the departments, shook more hands than I could count. Don’t ask me to remember 90% of the names, although I believe there was a Piper in there. Did meet new Cubs Prez John McDonough though. (Random celebrity sighting: The large and in charge Dan Jiggets! The man is a brick house people. Seriously, the Bears could probably still use him.)

– Took a picture for my ID, correctly felt like I sold out.

– Ate lunch in the cafeteria by the press box with Christian.. totally felt like the first day of High school, complete with lunch tray and stares from the “seniors” who see what table you’ll sit at, cementing your clique status forever.
Current status: A/V Club

There was a lot of technical stuff I have to remember that I don’t feel like getting into. Needless to say, I get to control everything people see when they’re not actually looking at the field. So if you’re watching the game, and the camera guy is showing a girl with huge knockers for 10 extra can thank me!

K, that’s all for the first day.. Doubt that these next days will be so long and rambling. I must go back to watching the Sox pitching return to its 1998 form. *Sigh*

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