TrifExtra Extra… Read All About It! Week 63!

Lifted from the Trifecta Writing Challenge site: (please don’t sue, I have like 12 dollars…)

This weekend we’re asking for exactly 33 of your own words inspired by the following quote from the book you could win in the WBN giveaway. Good luck!

“It’s the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting.” ― Paulo Coelho, Alchemist


105 Years

The first pitch is thrown,

the last out is made.

Five score plus five,

yet hope never seems to fade.

Someday the North will have a ring,

and the debt will be paid.


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22 Responses to TrifExtra Extra… Read All About It! Week 63!

  1. mairzeebp says:

    My entire life I remember my Dad watching the Phillies or listening to the game on the radio. One of the happiest days of my life was hearing him scream out when he realized that they had just won the World Series. He’s such a quiet, sincere, peaceful guy so seeing something bring the joy to him that he’s brought to his kids was really fantastic. The team of course has broken his heart since then (such the life of a Philadelphis sports fan) but he always has hope! May your team find themselves triumphant soon!! 🙂

    • lennygore says:

      That is so awesome! Actually you just hit on the true genesis behind the post. I’m really a White Sox fan and I was lucky enough to see them win a World Series in 2005. But my father is for some strange reason a Cubs fan and I wrote this for him.

      • Cobbie's World says:

        I’m a Jays fan and can remember exactly where I was when Joe Carter took Mitch Williams deep for the walk-off World Series win. “Touch ’em all, Joe! You’ll never hit a bigger homerun!” One of the greatest sports calls in Canadian sports history. Sorry Phillies fans. 🙂

  2. Believe me, as a Red Sox fan, I get it. *spaceman* *yaz* *tainte* *fisk* Sigh.

  3. Sandra says:

    Oh, there’s hope yet! 🙂

  4. Though I don’t follow the baseball, I can understand the frustration. And the continued hope, that some day…the curse will be lifted.

  5. Draug419 says:

    This year! This year for sure! (:

  6. barbara says:

    hoping your dream comes true . . . 🙂

  7. Linda Vernon says:

    Baseball can provide so many wonderful life metaphors. I really liked your take on the prompt!:D

  8. Cobbie's World says:

    I could be wrong but, I think this may have been the first sports post since I have been hanging out in Trifectaville. I love big league sports so I am indebted to you for this post. 🙂

    • lennygore says:

      That’s me! Mr. Trend Setter! Lol

      But yeah I am a big sports fan so it inevitably bleeds into my writing! And very cool that you are a Blue Jays fan because they were the team I played on in Little League. Although as a White Sox fan, that 93 ALCS still stings for me! Joe Carter doesn’t happen without the Sox! Don’t forget that!

      Also, glad you enjoyed the post 🙂

  9. Dana says:

    Not a major baseball fan but I always pull for my “hometown” (birth place) teams to win (Go Bears!) 😉
    Love your take on this post!!

  10. Christine says:

    “Someday the North will have a ring” – I really liked the phrasing of this. Nice job!

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