Leibster Award

Well folks, after a little time off from blogging to rest my wearyliebster mind, I am happy to say that I am back and very happy to be writing this post in particular because I have been nominated for the Leibster Award by fellow blogger smittenwithhim!  I very much thank you for this honor and your check* is in the mail! 🙂

So in order for me to truly accept this, I must pass this on like the tape from The Ring and infect 5 others bloggers!  Here’s the rules:

  • Thank the person (people) that nominated me (Check!)
  • List 11 facts about myself
  • Answer the eleven questions that were asked of me
  • Nominate five other people
  • Ask them eleven questions in return
  • According to the guidelines the Liebster award should be sent to bloggers with less than 200 followers. (the reason why I can’t think of 11 bloggers)

And Here…We… GO!

11 Facts about Leonard

  1. I was born on Christmas Eve in 1983 in Chicago, which as my parents always told me was evidently the coldest day (by wind chill) in city history!  [checks internet… CONFIRMED! Thanks Tom Skilling!]
  2. I’ve been married to my wife Jaime for going on 5 years this August!  We actually first met in Elementary school and reconnected a decade later on some up and coming social networking site…something about a Book of Faces?
  3. Much to my wife’s chagrin, I am a total Chicago Sports fanatic.  In order of preference it’s White Sox, Bears, Bulls, Blackhawks, and whoever is playing the Cubs (yes, I went there.)
  4. I have been on television.  That is all.
  5. I have been to Las Vegas 3 times in my life. And every trip was before I was 21. *sigh*
  6. Nicolas Cage is my most favorite (mega)actor of ALL TIME. I will literally watch any movie he is in and anyone who thinks he’s a bad actor is false and should not be trusted.
  7. Although I’m the biggest White Sox fan in the world, my most favorite job was working for the Chicago Cubs (GASP!)  I worked for them during the 2007 and 2008 seasons, both playoff years!  They were swept in both series.  Typical.
  8. My favorite authors are Stephen King and Douglas Adams. 
  9. I have a fear of statues. Seriously, read about it!
  10. For 4 years, I have worked for the Department of Employment Security (aka the Unemployment Office).  Unfortunately, business has been booming.
  11. I am a Capricorn, best of all Zodiac signs.

And here is Smittenwithhim’s 11 questions, which in retrospect is really 1 question requiring 11 answers… but I’d better stop nitpicking or they’ll be taking back my Liebster!

  • Go to your MP3 player, put it on shuffle and tell me the first 11 songs that come up on the list! Mine were (I currently have 1,230 songs on mine. I’m surprised there were no B52′s on this list…)

(full disclosure here… I don’t actually have a playlist like normal people.. I never was the type of person who collected songs to listen to on a mix tape or similar method..  I just listen to music on FM radio or my wife’s music.  So I will have to bend the rules a bit by giving you 11 songs that I consider favorites!)

  1. Kiss From a Rose – Seal
  2. Thrift Shop – Macklemore
  3. Hello! – Book of Mormon Soundtrack
  4. Crazy – Gnarls Barkley
  5. It’s Not Unusual – Tom Jones
  6. Bohemian Rhapsody – Queen
  7. Everyone’s A Little Bit Racist – Avenue Q Soundtrack
  8. The I Love You Song – 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee Soundtrack
  9. Never Gonna Give You Up – Rick Astley
  10. Where Do I Begin? – Shirley Bassey
  11. Uprising – Muse

My 5 nominees are:

  1. cookiecharm
  2. sacha black
  3. determined34
  4. Lauren Spieller
  5. Q the Adult

The 11 Questions to My Nominees

  1. Name your favorite dessert.
  2. What is the last time you sincerely laughed out loud?
  3. Do you roll your toilet paper over or under?
  4. What’s your middle name and is there any meaning behind it?
  5. How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
  6. If you could trade places with any fictional character, who would it be?
  7. Be honest.  Do you Keep Up With The Kardashians?
  8. What is the weirdest thing in your wallet/purse?
  9. How do you sleep? On your back? Side? Stomach?
  10. Have you ever had a near death experience?
  11. What do you get when you multiply 6 times 9? (extra credit for the correct answer!)


Ok! That’s it! Thanks again to smittenwithhim for the nomination and I hope we can spread this thing out as far as we can!

*payment will be dispersed evenly over a 26 year annuity

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2 Responses to Leibster Award

  1. You’re weird! 😉
    I LOVE your song list (you have Muse, too!)!! But, Rick Astley, seriously!?! Did you throw that one in there as a test?

    • lennygore says:

      Lol it’s one of those songs that’s so bad you can’t help but like it. Plus me and my wife played it as we finished getting hitched! So it gets honorable mention on the list!

      And thanks! I’m glad you liked it and your nomination is sincerely appreciated!

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