This is all Josh Hartnett’s fault. Sports Lent Update!

As you may have noticed just to the right of the page was a box telling the whole world that my earlier promise to God to abstain from sports for Lent would be over on March 24th.

Awwwww Yeah!!!!

Awwwww Yeah!!!!

Then this vaguely recollected conversation with my wife happened:

Me: Alright! My 40 days and 40 nights are up! I’m so glad that’s over!

Wife: Um, no… you’re not done. Lent’s not over yet.

Me: (incredulous) What?! No it’s over! Lent is 40 days and 40 nights and then you’re done!

Wife: Lent is over right before Easter, Lenny.

Me: But… but… I thought… 40 days…

Wife: Wait…You didn’t get that from that movie did you? You realize Easter moves around right?

Me: (weight of oncoming dread filling my head) Nooooooooooo! (checks Google)

Me: Lent ends on March 30th?!?! WHY DIDN’T I CHECK THAT BEFORE?!?! (sobs)

So yeah, Sport Lent continues for a few more days. This will basically wipe out all of the rest of MLB Spring Training, which isn’t the biggest loss in the world but it is my old stand by to help me thru the long Chicago winters without baseball. Opening Day is April 1 so all this sillyness will be done with in time for my beloved White Sox! I will provide a thorough debriefing on what I learned from my forty days away from sport next week! Stay tuned!!



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