Happy Pi Day!

It’s March 14th and for anybody who doesn’t know, it’s Pi Day (3.14) and I just wanted to share with you my favorite pie.



The Pecan Pie of course.

The combination of brown sugar, pecans, and the crust just make love to my taste buds. 

Great.  Drooled on the keyboard again.

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4 Responses to Happy Pi Day!

  1. Thumbalina says:

    I love pi day!!! I look forward to it every year…. my husband thinks I’m the worst biggest nerd, but what can you do when your father is a math teacher? lol! Happy Pi Day!!!!

    • lennygore says:

      Thanks! Yeah, my wife luckily shares the weird sense of humor I have! Now if you get all dressed up like your favorite Star Wars character for May 4th then you are pretty nerdy indeed. (May the Fourth [force] Be With You)

      • Thumbalina says:

        HA! I have never heard of that one….. I’m more like Math/Science/Archaeology nerdy lol…I’m an avid attender at the Adler After Dark (the third Thursday of each month!!!) Drinks and an open Planetarium in chitown for 4 hours?! YES PLEASE! lol.

      • lennygore says:

        And I haven’t done this yet WHY?? Sign me up!

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