“The Human Torch Was Denied a Bank Loan”

Anchorman: Music from the Motion Picture

Anchorman: Music from the Motion Picture (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Daily Prompt today asked us to write a post based on a line from my favorite movie. And after an incredibly difficult elimination process (believe you me, not picking any Nic Cage movie was tough), I finally settled on a movie that never, ever, ever fails to make me laugh and quote lines for days on end: Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy!

(What? were you expecting Les Miz?)

And I picked the “Human Torch was denied a bank loan” line because it’s always one that slips in there but isn’t always quoted, but I just find fascinating.

I mean, think about it. The actual Human Torch, all aflame and burning the seat he’s sitting in at some random New York bank office, is told by a very sweaty Loan Officer that he is unable to secure a loan. I mean what?!?! He’s the freaking Human Torch! He’s part of the Fantastic Four! He probably saved the city of New York and the ENTIRE PLANET hundreds of times! This guy can’t get a little help from this ungrateful bank???

Yes. I’ve spent actual time thinking about this.

But maybe he’s going in “non-flame” mode. Just his regular, everyday clothes and he doesn’t want everybody to be scared he’s going to burn the bank down to the ground. Is that why? Man, when our superheroes can’t even get the help they need when they risk their necks against supervillains or even the planet-eating beheamoth known as Galactus…I shed a silent tear.

Flame on Human Torch… FLAME ON!

Alternative versions of the Human Torch


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