For Your Consideration: The Daily Prompt: First Light!

Remember when you wrote down the first thought you had this morning? Great. Now write a post about it.

So, the first thought I had when waking up after I went to sleep was:

Oh no! I didn’t complete my Daily Prompt from last night!

See, If you go check out yesterday’s Daily Prompt: A Comedy of Errors I decided to write a hilarious, rip-roaring piece of fiction on the unfortunate events of Daniel Murphy. (spoiler alert: he ends up pantsless in the back of a police car.  But hasn’t everyone?)

But when I go on these adventures in trying to write something made up, I tend to start from a blank slate and let the story flow out from there.  But this time I knew how it had to end: Poor Danny sans trousers.  The problem was getting him out of them. (amirightladies??)  So begins the writing process for me and I toggle between two mindsets:

1) Man this is great! I love writing!

2) Oh God, what am I doing?? This is terrible!  I hate writing!

Fun times.  Anyway, I was finally able to finish my little piece today and I guess I hope people get a couple of chuckles out of it!  If you have any critiques or suggestions I’m all ears!

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