Sports Lent Update!

While I sit here in my car, waiting for the wife to finish up one appointment to whisk her away to another, figure I should give y’all an update on how this whole Sports Lent experiment had been going!

So this is Day 6 and with Jaime as my witness, I have abstained from watching or following any and all sporting events. Now, this hasn’t exactly been terrible since this is a “Bermuda Triangle” of the sports year that I don’t pay all that much attention to. Such as..

NBA Basketball – Normally, this is a period of the season that I don’t pay 100% attention to anyways. For those that follow it, the NBA regular season is pretty much arranging the chairs in anticipation of the real show: the Playoffs. And with Derrick Rose being out for the entire season so far means I’m not exactly missing out on the best Bulls basketball possible anyways.

NHL – This is a tough one surprisingly with the Blackhawks playing a shortened schedule thanks to a lockout that wipes out half the games. Making things worse the Hawks have been on fire basically going undefeated (except in shootout losses, which technically aren’t in regulation) and they might be in line to win another Stanley Cup. Like the NBA, the NHL regular season means very little until the playoffs start. Last year, the LA Kings won the Stanley Cup despite being the last team in the playoffs! So missing the Hawks right now won’t kill me!

MLB Spring Training – This is the toughest one for me and the time of the sports year that I truly look forward to after the Super Bowl. As you may already know, pretty much an insanely loyal White Sox fan. I mean my Gravatar icon is the Sports Illustrated Championship cover for crying out loud! So for me, Spring Training is my own Groundhog’s Day. It’s the universe’s sign that winter is almost over and my beloved baseball will be back in session! But without watching, following, obsessing over every little movement going on in camp out in Arizona, I honestly feel sad. Thankfully, this 40 days of torture will end before Opening Day on April 1. Or else I truly would have lost my mind!

It’ll continue to be a hard road for me, although I have to admit the wife isn’t exactly complaining about have my mostly undivided attention for a while. And for the married men out there, you know that a happy wife leads to a happy life.

At least until March 24th 😉

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