Well, That Was Unexpected

Well, the plan was to tell you all about the whole Sports Lent I am currently 2 days into (hint: not terrible actually) , but then life had to go and remind me that our best laid plans can be led astray into a big ol ditch!

So it’s Valentines Day and I’m about to take Jaime and drop her off at work when I notice something… unsettling. The Check Engine light was turned on.


So with Jaime having a lot of work that she couldn’t get away from I carefully drove her to her job and then went alllll the way down south to Jaime’s old neighborhood mechanic we always go to to have them take a look at it.

/6 hours later

I finally get word from our guy and well, the ol girl finally needed some serious tinkering. Sparing the technical stuff, the total cost ended up being around $1200! PLUS they couldn’t get it done by closing time and I’d have to come back today to get the car.

So after many bus rides/train rides/camel rides, we finally have a working car again and we even get to pay the balance off over time which sure saves our asses financially!

To give you a brief rundown, I haven’t once gone on to any sports sites or watched any real games. And lord knows I’ve kept my word. I promise to five y’all a more in depth post on this soon!

Ok, enough rambling. This cowboy is off to Sleepytime Canyon. Goodnight!

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