Daily Prompt is like WHOA!

Daily Prompt Question:

What’s the most surreal experience you’ve ever had?

Daily Prompt Answer:

Ok, this might sound simple but the most surreal experience I can think of was a home run I hit back in my days of glory riding the bench for my High School Baseball team. (Go Dolphins!)

International Sign of Awesomeness

International Sign of Awesomeness

So to set the scene, I was basically your typical benchwarmer.  I pretty much had no chance of ever starting a game unless 1) We had a double header and someone was injured or 2) We were winning/losing by so much my entering the game would have virtually no negative consequences. 

Well, on this random day in May… (hey, that sounds like a song title eh?)… Option 2 was up to bat.

It was a road game against…I don’t remember the team actually, but no matter, we were WHIPPING them bad… like we were up by at least 10 runs.  So Coach decides its time to take out some of the starters to avoid something silly like a beaning/losing a ball in the sun and getting hit in the head/etc.  and it’s LEONARD’S TIME TO SHINE! (please, hold your applause)

So I get up to the plate.  There’s two runners on base and the pitcher throws the first pitch. Ball 1! Pitch 2: Ball 2! Pitch 3: Strike 1!
(pause. Ok took a strike, just making sure it was worth expecting anything good)
Pitch 4: Ball 3!
And here comes my moment of the surreal. Pitch 5 is thrown and its as easy as any meatball of a pitch I’d ever get in my life. Right down the middle. I start my swing and follow thru wth what is later described to be a motion similar to Frankenstein in cleats. I know that I connected and hit the ball. The question was more so How good?
Well I start running to first base as I see the left fielder turn and sprint to the fence. Then he slows down. Then I see the ball land over the high fence that separated the field from tennis courts near by. And thats how, ladies and gents, you hit your one and only 3 run homer.
The surreal part? I didn’t feel a thing when I hit that ball. It was like there was no ball, it just magically was transported 300+ ft away and I was dumb struck as I circled the bases. All my teammates were going nuts! It was the sole personal highlight of my athletic career and I will never forget that terrific random day in May.

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