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Daily Prompt is asking me if I believe in Reincarnation.  Hmm, do I believe in reincarnation?  Reincarnation… for or against?  Blink once for reincarnation… blink twice for eternal darkness…


Ok, there’s my response.  Yes, I do believe in reincarnation… because the alternative is just so damn depressing ya know?  We live in an infinite universe, so I believe that there are infinite possibilities to our existences both living and post-living.  So, is it possible that once we die, our bodies go in the ground and the stuff that made up Leonard the person just exists in the memories of anyone still alive that knew me… only to be lost forever when those people die? 


But do I believe that?


However, I don’t exactly believe that once we check out and shuffle off that mortal coil (and what kind of phrase is that btw? sounds like Activity Night at Shady Oaks Retirement Living Center)  that we just enter the giant bingo-ball cage of souls waiting to be picked and shot back into some random embryo here on Earth.

Don't let me be a Kardashian... don't let me be a Kardashian...

Don’t let me be a Kardashian… don’t let me be a Kardashian…

I think *begin religious part of post* that there is “something” after everything passes, but since its outside of anything any living being can experience… we can’t bind it by the rules we live by on this side of the curtain.  So, Heaven/Valhalla (not Van Halen as I was half way thru typing)/A Giant White Room with a Beetlejuice Pinball machine with unlimited quarters/etc…. whatever we find out after we’re done here… I think we get to opt out.  Because think about it, do you really think you’re going to enjoy doing anything and everything for allllllll eternity?  No!  Hell, (pardon my french) I’d get sick of Shrimp Fried Rice if I had to eat it for a whole hour, let alone the entirety of existence!  So we get the choice to say, “Ok God/Allah/Alanis Morrisette, it’s been fun but I think I want to give the whole life thing another spin.”  And then, in the blink of an eye, you come out screaming and bloody out of the womb of some mammal/crack the shell of the egg/wake up on the table of a mad scientist trying to reanimate your corpse and… (whoa… that got weird. Let’s get back on track)  *end Religion section*

So you come back, no knowledge of your previous life and try this whole thing over and experience life in a wholly different way.  That’s what I think of reincarnation.  And if you try to say that I was influenced by the Robin Williams film “What Dreams May Come“… then you sir, need to stop being such a know-it-all.  They get reincarnated as Tea Party members.

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    Interestingly written. 🙂 D 34

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