Daily Prompt: Call Me, Maybe!

Describe your relationship with your phone. Is it your lifeline, a buzzing nuisance, or something in between?

Well, my phone and I are like a couple going through a divorce, only we can’t sell the house so we are still living together until one of us can leave this toxic relationship.

Oh, in the beginning… things were just so fresh and new!  I had just gotten out of a long relationship with Blackberry and I was looking to jump into the touchscreen lifestyle.  The money was a little tight, but Best Buy had a deal for a Samsung Galaxy S1 for the low, low price of $1!  I had to renew my contract anyways so I signed up and I finally had a cool new phone!

2 years later, I couldn’t be more miserable.  Let me count the ways:

The phone shuts down.  ALL THE TIME.

75% of my attempts to dial a number causes the phone application to crash after entering 3 digits.

The Swype Keyboard (where I could trace a line over the letters in the word I wanted to type) was a nightmare! When I would “swype” a word the dictionary didn’t recognize, a window would pop up EVERY. DAMN. TIME. to tell me something I didn’t need to know.  And there was NO WAY TO TURN IT OFF!  It took Samsung months to provide a fix to remove it!

And finally, the camera had the same picture quality as those old-timey ones used for Civil War era photos.

Pictured: Next Best Comparison to my Phone's Camera

Pictured: Next Best Comparison to my Phone’s Camera

Basically, I’m just using this phone for basic phone usage, some basic web browsing/facebook, and that’s it.  Come this February 14th, I will be breaking up with my Galaxy S1 and joining my wife as iPhone converts.  It’s been a rough go of it the last few months, but we both know it’s for the best.


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