Daily Prompt: Flangiprop! defined.

What is a Flangiprop?

Well if we take a look at the Gore Dictionary, a flangiprop was one of the “alternative” yet unsuccessful designs by Orville and Wilbur Wright after the creation of the airplane.

Now Boarding... United Flanginprop Airways

Now Boarding… United Flangiprop Airways

A single-person vehicle, Orville and Wilbur wanted to improve on the experience of flying on a much smaller scale.  Plus they were getting a little tired of all those motion pictures of earlier prototypes that collapsed seconds after takeoff.  Hence, the Flangiprop.

As you can see here the pilot would tie sturdy ropes around his ankles that would be attached to the bottom propellors of the Flangiprop.  At a height of 200 feet, said pilot would run towards the end of the cliff and leap off in a horizontal trajectory.  Then, through a series of kicks, flaps, and a whole lot of whiskey, the flangiprop would achieve consistant and smooth flight.

At least that was before 20 test pilots plummeted to their deaths.

The flangiprop a failure, Orville and Wilbur abandoned their flying aspirations.  Orville changed his last name to Redenbacher and started a quite popular brand of popcorn.  Wilbur created the much loved sitcom Mr. Ed , naming Ed’s owner after himself.  The last surviving original prototype of the flangiprop can be found at Jim Bob’s House of Airplanes and Levitation Devices in Branson, Missouri.

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  2. determined34 says:

    From the picture I thought you were a Leonardo Da Vinci fan! 🙂 D 34

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