Daily Prompt: BURNT!

Remember yesterday, when your home was on fire and you got to save five items? That means you left a lot of stuff behind. What are the things you wish you could have taken, but had to leave behind?

Oooh, 2 Part Daily Prompt!  And a great question to think about.  I already grabbed 5 things I did save, so what about the things I couldn’t save?  Well, here are the 5 things I would be most upset about that I couldn’t bring with:

1) The TV – We have a big 47 inch HDTV in our living room that clearly would not be something I could honestly carry out of my burning, smoldering condo. 

2) The Video Games/DVDs – I know in the last post I said I could at least buy new games and whatever, but… still that’d be a pretty high price to pay to replace those games and movies…But now that I think about it… I could get something like Gamefly (renting unlimited video games for a monthly fee) and there’s so many options for watching movies that I’m only going to watch once anyways… it might not be so bad!)

3) The Bed – We just got a new bed frame (from IKEA) and a new mattress a couple months ago and it will absolutely SUCK to lose those two.  Especially the bed frame which I took hours to put together with those lovely genderless mute IKEA men trying to instruct me how to put this whole shebang together.

Pictured: Me 70% of the time spent putting it together.

Pictured: Me 70% of the time spent putting it together.

4) The Clothes – All the nice clothes that we got especially for my wife who has plenty of nice dresses she wears to work would be a tough loss.  But that’s what thrift stores are for right?

5) The Comforts – Not so much a tangible thing, but really a fire would absolutely rob us of our comfort zone.  I mean, there is NO replacing the fact that the place where we could call home would be gone and we’d basically be starting over with looking for places to live temporarily, replacing the stuff we lost, and just our safe haven total collapse. 

Funny enough, we just applied for renters insurance with State Farm!  So this topic is either completely well timed or terribly ominous and I should be getting the batteries in my smoke detector checked tonight… THANKS DP! 🙂

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