Quick Nuggets Before Bed

NuggetsOk, just tossing out some nuggets before I pass out:

– Still haven’t seen Django Unchained and that is a shame. Everybody and their second cousin has probably seen it yet I haven’t gotten my fill of Civil War bounty hunting and seeing Sam Jackson dressed up like my dad in 20 years. (And me in 50? Yikes…)

– So loving the fact that its going to be in the 60’s temperature wise tomorrow. Not exactly time to break out the flip flops yet… But all you joggers get your runs in soon, looks like its plummeting to the teens a day later!

– My Chicago Blackhawks are UNDEFEATED! 6-0-0-0-0-0 (only a couple of those zeroes were superfluous). Ya know, maybe hockey needs to cut EVERY season in half! Seriously, 48 games seems like just the right amount of games to keep my attention and it gets us to the greatest Playoff tournament in American pro sports so much faster! (Hmmm, may want to keep that train of thought going in a later post..)

– And lastly, watch out tomorrow on Chicago Gore. There may just be a new “feature” to debut…

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