Whoa, for anybody who has read numerous Stephen King novels… stumbling on this news caused my jaw to literally drop. Under the Dome was one of the most enjoyable King novels I’ve read and now that I hear CBS is turning it into a series this summer has got me super excited! I may actually give CBS another chance after they unjustly cancelled Jericho after only 1 season…


Under the Dome casting newsCBS’ Under the Dome summer series continues to round out its cast, this time populating the entrapped town’s radio station.

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Based on Stephen King’s 2009 novel, the 13-episode drama takes place in a New England community that inexplicably finds itself trapped beneath a massive, transparent barrier — a situation that soon turns to chaos.

New to the cast are Jolene Purdy (Gigantic, Glee) as Dodee, a brilliant, eccentric engineer at the local radio station who will draw on her unique skills in an effort to make contact with the world outside the dome. Nicholas Strong (aka Nashville‘s JT) meanwhile will play Phil, a popular radio DJ and indie rock fanatic who is described as “a charismatic figure with a dark secret.”

Previously cast for Dome were Life Unexpected‘s Britt Robertson

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