Awesome Link of the Day: Lennox’s Last Meal

If I ever have the unfortunate experience of being on death row, I don’t think I’d enjoy my last meal like Lennox the Boxer did here…

Check out the article here.  Basically, Lennox here unfortunately was suffering from cancer and arthritis.  As you can see he has quite a large tumor on his left shoulder and there pretty much was no hope of recovery.  So before the owner put him down to end his suffering, Lennox got, literally, the meal of a lifetime. 

dog cancer last meal

That’s right.  A TURKEY LEG WRAPPED IN BACON.  My god, that is just a beautiful sight (apologies to any vegetarian/vegans who read this…but this was a sacrifice for a higher purpose)  The link shows the video the owner took of Lennox going to town on this amazing spread and I’ll admit that this blogger got a little misty eyed watching him wolf down every last bite. 

Godspeed Lennox!  Enjoy the endless grassy fields in Doggy Heaven!  Where the tennis balls are plentiful and fire hydrants as far as the eye can see!  Long Live Lennox!

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