Confessions of the Tow Truck Lady

I’m sitting here inside a Starbucks waiting to pick my wife up from work and I sat near the window next to a woman in a non-descript black jacket and a sheet in front of her with writing on it like it must be a sign in sheet.
All of a sudden she starts saying “Oh, lady… Don’t do it. Don’t do it. Don’t you walk outta here… Ah man, I knew she would. I feel bad doin this to an old lady and all…”
So with me being the nosy, inquisitive type that I am, I couldn’t help but ask her, “Excuse me, but what do you feel so bad about doing to that old lady?”

“I gotta tow her man. She parked in this lot earlier and now she’s walking out and I gotta call in the truck”

“Aw, come on… You can’t feel that bad. I mean that’s your job right? Even if its little old ladies, you can’t get that choked up about it.”

“No, I feel bad about every car I tow. But you see this list? A car can park here for 30 minutes max. They drive in, I write down the time and if they haven’t come back for it in that time I write them down again. They still don’t come back after another 30? Then I put up a sticker on their window and the tow truck comes and gets them up and out in 4 minutes.”

“Damn…”, I said.

“Yeah, and I know how tough it is. See even I had my car towed before. So I know it’s not something fun they go through but if my boss comes and sees a car hasn’t been towed and its been on my sheet for a long time then I get in trouble. So I gotta do it, ya know?”

“We’ll you see my Hyundai there? It’ll sure as hell be out of there in 30 minutes for damn sure.”

“Nah it’s cool, I haven’t even got you down in my book yet. You got an hour and then… Well ya know…”

I thought about what she just said and I believe she’d tow my car right there in front of me without a doubt. But at least she’d feel a bit conflicted about it.

“Oh thank god,” she said suddenly as the old lady in the big sunglasses and hair wrap appeared at the edge of the lot, “she just walked back in here. She just made it.”

She went outside after this and I assume ready and willing to do her job. It’s not a glamorous gig. And I’m certain she gets a bunch of crap for it, but I at least am glad that its not done with malice. Just a lady, doin her job.


P.S. Her ringtone was the theme from “Halloween”. You know, the one with Michael Meyers. Maybe I should get out of here…

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