Lenny’s 1st Broadway Show: Book of Mormon


Mormon Heaven

My View of Mormon Heaven

 So last night the wife and I finally got to see the hottest show in the country The Book of Mormon! If you haven’t heard this is probably the most popular and successful musical in recent years.  The show premiered in Chicago in December but tickets went on sale almost a whole year before that!  Unfortunately, we were just not ready to spend hours on ticketmaster hoping to snag a pair of ticket so they sold out in like 0.48 seconds and that was for the entire run through March!

But fortunately, through the power of real, honest to goodness in-person social interactions, we met a very nice married couple who just so happened to have an extra pair of tickets!  And he offered them to us! (take that Internet! I can make friends on my own!)

So we got there last night and let me tell you.  That show was the funniest damn live performance I’ve ever seen in my LIFE.  We had already listened to the soundtrack a couple of times before so we knew all the songs, but watching it being performed by real-live people just made it infinitely more memorable.  The dancing! The songs! The unnerving amount of laughter amongst an audience of 95% white people at the plight of poor African people! Ok, that last one I can’t be mad at as the whole show was well done, but did race jokes not to be unnecessarily cruel.

I would completely pay full price to see BOM again.  And now all musicals that follow have a high bar to hit to eclipse that as my favorite show of ALLLLLLL TIIIIIIME!!!!

The Book of Mormon (musical)

The Book of Mormon (musical) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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