Mumms The Word

This is my attempt to write something based on on a comment to one of my previous posts. Thanks for the inspiration and I hope you guys like it.




Charles Mumm’s head snapped up with a jolt and was immediately greeted by two things.  First, was the missing space on his keyboard where the letter G should have been.  Second, was the repeating loop of his ClanStrike avatar dEathMUMMY42 collapsing to the beige, pixelated creation that was the virtual sands of Afghanistan.

“What the…”, Charles began to say as the blur began to clear from his vision just in time to see the blood gush from the bullethole in his virtual forehead for the 278th time.  He raised a sweaty palm to his forehead to brush the stray hairs from his face and brushed against something that clattered onto the desk in front of him.

Crap, he thought as he picked up the square plastic G key and turned it over in his fingers.  He was just about to shove it back into place between neighbors F and I when the screen froze, then rewound the gameplay and briefly resurrected his player just long enough to see dEathMUMMY42 receive its 279th assassination in a row.

Confused, Charles moved the mouse and tried to close out of the game but the cursor refused to budge.  dEathMUMMY42 just kept on dying. 

Ooooook…. that’s the last time I drink a gallon of Mountain Dew and pop rocks to try to pull another all-nighter.  Charles looked at the watch loosely hanging from his left wrist and saw that Stewie Griffin’s left arm was pointing at the 6 and his longer right arm was right between the 7 and 8

6…6:37… oh no.. no… NOOOOO!  WHAT THE HELL?!?! CRAP! CRAP! CRAPCRAPCRAP!  Not today! Why did this happen today??

The realization that he was once again going to be late to open the doors at Floundering Fred’s Fish Store sent a lightning bolt of concentrated fear down Charles’s spine at the prospects of losing yet another job.  And this time, there’d be no more chances thanks to his father’s “helpful” inspirational speech letting Charles know if he somehow lost this job, his computer and all his games would be taken out in the backyard and given a kerosene bath followed by matches, burning, and kicking of butts out of houses.

Charles grabbed the cleanest pair of black jeans he could find (actual rank of available pants: 3rd) and the least wrinkled polo shirt (Color: Royal Blue; Wrinkle-Equivalent: Clint Eastwood) and hurriedly dressed while bounding up the basement stairs.

“Bye ma! Bye Jim!”, he said running past the breakfast room while simultaneously pulling his shirt down around his head.  Early risers, Charles’s parents were usually up before dawn already eating breakfast, but as he opened the front door he thought it was odd that there was no smell of coffee or overburned toast.  Did they even see me fly past them? he wondered as he turned the handle to the front door and pulled it open wide to…

Nothing.  Well, not quite nothing.  Everything was as it should be on any typical Tuesday morning.  Cars were in driveways, trees were still standing, mailboxes still waiting for foreclosure notices and Playboy subscriptions.  The actual word to describe Charles’s view outside the place he tenuously still called home was Nobody.  As in There is nobody out here. No garbage men picking up the cans, no ponytailed women out for their morning jog, and certainly nobody caring that the front door to every single house had been ripped off its hinges.

Charles stood there staring, blinked 3 times and meekly uttered “Hello?”

Two things happened at the end of that statement. A white-translucent blob appeared just off to the right of his head and in Times New Roman font the word “Hello” floated inside it followed by a question mark. Next, before Charles officially decided this wouldn’t be a Tuesday like any other in his 29th year of life on this planet, a similar thought bubble appeared next to the drawn mouth of Stewie Griffin that simply said: “They’re all gone. Good luck.”

(to be continued)

Ok, that was my little homework assignment I gave myself last week and one of the readers gave me the genesis for this start of a story. What do you think? Let me know if its worth seeing where this story goes!

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2 Responses to Mumms The Word

  1. dmauldin53 says:

    Loved it! Definitely would like to see more.

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