Daily Prompt: 1984 – Give Me Liberty or On Second Thought…


Daily Prompt: 1984

Daily Prompt: 1984.

You are locked in a room with your greatest fear.  Describe what’s in the room.

So you locked me in with my mother in law eh? (hey-yo! I’m kidding, she’s actually very cool… really hit the in-law jackpot with her!)

Seriously though?  I’ve just been locked in with a giant statue.  Specifically, the face.  Like if you somehow found a room big enough for just me and the face of the Statue of Liberty, and there was no room for me to get around it…. I feel like hyperventilating just thinking about it now. 

Maybe it’s the fear that this giant face is just staring at me with its dead eyes, unmoving, waiting, and then by some awful miracle it decides to look directly at me and Open. Its. Mouth.

//uncomfortable awkward pause

Thanks DP… I think you owe me a new pair of underwear.

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  5. as long as it is not a statue of Medusa’s head

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