DP Challenge: Slash and Burn – Why I’m Thankful

(full disclosure: This was the November newsletter I wrote for our office. It was originally 609 words, but I decided to still cut it down to 250 for the challenge!)


By: Leonard Gore

For this Thanksgiving season, here’s why I’m thankful to work at the Lombard Call Center. 

1) Great Co-Workers!  I’ve gotten to work with a wonderful hodgepodge of personalities and people with unique perspectives on life that I can honestly say I might not have gotten at any other office.  Young or old….from the newest employee to the veteran who’s been with IDES since Jimmy Carter was president, I truly have enjoyed my time with everyone who’s worked here!

2)  Awesome Food!   We’ve had so many barbeques that I wonder if we are just an off shoot of America’s Test Kitchen.  Thanks to our diverse workforce, we always seem to have plenty of delicious food and my waistline graciously appreciates that. 

3)  The Claimants!  Let’s be honest, if every claimant followed the rules or read their letters … what then??  There’s always that one claimant that actually has a good disposition about their situation or they have names that had to be made up.  (Who here has spoken to the guy whose first name is “Alpacino”?  No not THAT Al Pacino, LITERALLY Alpacino was his first name!) 

4)  GAINFUL EMPLOYMENT   Joining up with IDES back in 2009 was my first Full Time job and coming here was a no brainer since I achieved Permanent status.  I’m thankful to not be intermittent as everybody else here should be!

Thanks to all the Veterans that work here at the CSC!

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