Pete Carroll Looks Like He Picked a Fight With a Meat Tenderizer and Lost. And Other Bears Musings.

Ok. I had a night to sleep and think about yesterday’s Bears loss.  Despite the agonizing way the game was lost… let’s focus on the positives.

1) The Offensive line was AMAZING.  I honestly cannot remember the last game where Jay Cutler had that much time to stay upright and throw the ball.  Yeah the run game didn’t amount to much with a bum Forte, but a game where Jay is virtually untouched is a victory for these guys.

2 & 3) Jay Cutler was on point (Look Ma! No Picks!) and Brandon Marshall needs to have his Jersey retired by the Bears ASAP.  These two play like there are no defenders on the field and they are just throwing around in warmups.  And that mini-Hail Mary pass at the end does not come close to happening without those 2. 

4) Robbie Gould would have made that field goal Ray Finkle shanked… (Laces Out, Marino!)  He’s the man.  Nuff said.

5) And yes the Bears are in a tie for 1st place with 4 games left but look at the standings.  They still hold on to the top Wild Card Spot with a 1 game lead on Seattle.  We hold and we’re in.  The division crown and a home playoff spot is still in play with a road game in Minny (should win), home game gut-check against the Packers (could win), and road games against Arizona (mortal lock to win) and Detroit (should win).  And San Fran seems to be willing to give away that 2nd 1st round bye so that’s still in play as well. 

So let’s step back from the ledge and remember: Caleb Hanie is not our quarterback.


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