DP Challenge – 3 Letter Words Aren’t Welcome here.

Ok.  I have been waiting to jump in on a DP Challenge (editor’s note: This is where my first three letter word would have appeared, it rhymes with “sand”… check that… I just commited my second infraction in this very footnote)

Finally!  Ok let’s start over.  I have been waiting on a really interesting topic to force me into actually writing on this damn blog.  To my great surprise, I have seen that my prayers have been answered!  Write a blog post using absolutely zero three letter words!  CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!

Of course, there is a single three letter word that is probably used more often than  every other word in every language on Earth.  Using these United States’ Military alphabet, that word is spelled Tango – Hotel – Echo. (Ha! Take that “Rules”!)  It is super hard to avoid using that word unsurprisingly enough.  Nearly every statement we speak tends to start with that word… Going without it feels like trying to cross a rickety bridge blindfolded, with hungry alligators waiting below (Gotta throw a Indiana Jones Temple of Doom reference in here of course..)

Bu… However…(can’t write “Rhymes-with-mutt) there’s so many freaking three letter words that my brain is stuggling to avoid that when I start typing a no-no word I feel physical pain!  I’m getting there though! 

So I just hope that everyone that tried this challenge enjoyed it as much as I have!  Maybe next time I will attempt to write a whole blog post without using my left hand… or maybe with just my fingers (look Ma! No Thumbs!)

Happy Thanksgiving Everybody!  Comments appreciated! Tips demanded!

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4 Responses to DP Challenge – 3 Letter Words Aren’t Welcome here.

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  2. dmauldin53 says:

    Hilarious! You crack me up. 🙂

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