The Ligue Clan vs. Tom Gamboa – A Rememberance.

“Those who forget the past are condemned to repeat it.”

– George Santayana

Ever have one of those moments during your day that you see something and remind you of something so awful in your past, you wondered how in the world you even forgot the events that happened?  This just happened to me yesterday.

Perusing the Net, I came upon an article commemorating the 10 year anniversary of an event that made me feel about as low as I had ever felt as a White Sox fan.  Yes, you guessed it… September 19th, 2002 was the night William Ligue Jr. and William Ligue 3.0 decided to run on the field and pummel Tom Gamboa, 1st Base Coach of the Kansas City Royals.

2002 was a simpler time to be a Sox fan.  It was 2 years removed from an improbable season winning an AL best 95 games and a completely probable sweep in the 1st round of the playoffs. (CARLOS GUILLEN’S FOOT WAS ON THE PLATE FOR THAT SQUEEZE PLAY IN THE 9TH!) The Sox had returned to their rightful place of mediocre-playing, small-crowd attraction and what is a family to do while watching two poor teams play out the string to 10,000+ spectators?  Why jump the fence in a drunken rage of course! 

2002 Father of the Year

This shirtless mensa candidate is the aforementioned William Ligue Jr. (way to keep that  Ligue legacy intact!) He and his equally shirtless and similarly named offspring decided that enough was enough jumped the 10-inch high railing down the 1st Base line and gang tackle 53 year old Tom Gamboa.  Then the two Mensa candidates begin pummeling  Coach Gamboa in the head and his body before being mobbed and dragged away by Royals players and security.  Fans booed, players watched in awe and horror, and in the matter of less than a minute, these two morons car bombed Sox Fans’ image to smithereens.

Ultimately, Cubs fans would have fodder to perpetuate the stereotype of Sox fans as White trash thugs and noted White Sox enthusiast  nemesis Jay Mariotti would later have the Ligues’ over for annually for Christmas dinner for their heroic actions.* 

So why even bring this up?  Well I believe as the above quote explains, we can’t let incidents like this fade from memory.  Even if the event is one that Sox fans dearly tried to sweep under the rug and bury it forever.  But the lessons learned from the Ligues barreling into our lives need to be refreshed every once in a while so that we can ensure that nobody repeats this awful, regrettable action. 

Coincidentally enough, the Sox just so happened to be playing the Royals yesterday September 19th, 2012.  This time in Kansas City, naturally to avoid any copycat attacks from drunken Sox fans looking to take out defenseless old men.  And perhaps as an added penance, the Sox decided to lose the game 3-0 so yeah, the circle is complete or whatever.  Ok, Gripe over!  Anyone out there want to share their thoughts on this?  Let me hear ya down below!

*Just a Joke Jay…don’t go suing people.

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