Quick Hits: Volume 1


Ok, maybe not many none of you noticed that I hadn’t posted in a while.  I know.. I know…  What could have possibly been so damn important that I didn’t have time to even blog a little bit about the burning topics of today??  The answer, honestly, is because I didn’t feel like it.  But that apathy ends TODAY!  I am here to fill in the gaps in the past 4 weeks….BULLETPOINT STYLE BABY!

  • Where did I leave off?  Oh yeah!  So last time I rapped at ya, I bemoaned the fact that I forgot my wife’s Kindle Fire in the desk drawer of the hotel room we stayed in during our Anniversary trip down to Springfield.  Well guess what?  WE GOT IT BACK!!  I’ll explain:  So after about a week of grieving our loss, (chill, we understand it’s just a toy) my wife gets a call from the hotel.  It’s the manager.  She lets Jaime know that they called the people who bought the room after we left and accused-them-without-outright-accusing-them of taking the Kindle Fire and asked if they had it.  And THEY ADMITTED TAKING IT.  (didn’t see that coming)  The thieves (yes, when you take something that isn’t yours technically that’s what you are… ) brought the Fire back and the hotel shipped it to us a week later!  Maybe this whole Karma thing isn’t a bunch of malarkey…
  • The White Sox sure are making it hard on a blogger to feel confident in the fact that they have been in 1st place for the last 4 months of the season.  Back on August 17th, the Sox had just finished an impressive series in Toronto winning the last 3 games (they are notoriously horrible north of the border)  Then what’s followed for the past 4 weeks has been like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde:  Lost 3 games at KC; Won 6 straight at home against the Yankees & Seattle; Lost 3 of 4 at Baltimore; Lost 3 games at Detroit (losing a 3 game lead in the process); Win 2 of 3 at home vs Minnesota then Lose 2 of 3 at home vs KC (again!) and Detroit (last game was postponed until September 17th)  If you were keeping score, despite losing 5 of 6 games against our direct competition, the Sox have SOMEHOW kept themselves in 1st place by 1 game as of today.  With 20 games left, this will be the most intense finish to a Sox season since 2008!
  • Finally finished A Game of Thrones and I must say that it was AWESOME!  I have never gotten into the mythical kings/queens/castles genre before, if you asked me what happened in The Lord of the Rings or the Hobbit I’ll respond with a blank, mute expression.  But with all the hype surrounding the Book that resulted from the hit HBO show, I gave in and read all 800+ pages (hadn’t read a book that long since the 1,000+ paged Under the Dome, by Stephen King)  Totally hooked on the story, and surprised that no character is safe from a horrible death if it’s meant to catapult the story forward.
  • And lastly, I was extremely saddened at the death of Michael Clark Duncan at age 54.  I knew that he had a heart attack a few weeks prior , but didn’t notice any follow up stories regarding a pending release from the hospital or improvement of his health status.  Then when the word got out that he had passed away, I was incredibly sad and realized just how much I admired his work in so many movies and TV shows he was in.  From the first time I saw him in A Night at the Roxbury as an immovable bouncer, to The Green Mile, Armageddon, The Whole Nine Yards, Talledega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby (DON’T YOU PUT THAT EVIL ON ME RICKY BOBBY!)  and even The Finder, a short-lived show on Fox that I loved (which of course meant that it was guaranteed to be cancelled; also see: Man Up; Tick, The; Jericho; etc.)  MCD was also the narrator on the greatest documentary ever made: The 2005 White Sox World Series Championship DVD.  For that, Mr. Duncan (also a huge White Sox Fan) you will be sorely missed. 

Alright! That’s all I got for you for the next month today! I promise to get back to blogging more regularly… maybe finally settle on a specific topic (White Sox? Baseball?)  or stay with the general thoughts thing.  Let me know in some comments!  PLEASE COMMENT!  I’M BEGGING YOU!!!


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4 Responses to Quick Hits: Volume 1

  1. Veronica Louise says:

    There are enough White Sox blogs. I love the general thoughts thang 🙂

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