Slinging Mud: The Farce That Was the Mud Wars

Mud Wars (or was it Scam Wars?).

I was ready to go.  I had done my training.  I had bought my Goodwill mud-run clothes that I was willing to part with should they become unuseable after the course.  And, most importantly, I had paid Living Social $35 to run the dang thing. 

Then I sneezed.


Blazing throughout my back, my thoughts immediately turned to Sammy Sosa.  You may remember (or probably don’t since it seems so incredibly made up) that Slammin Sammy went on the DL once after he reportedly sneezed so hard that he severely injured his back.  I, and most of the sports world, silently chuckled at the preposterous idea that a sneeze could put a juiced up perfectly healthy ballplayer into traction.  Saturday, I found myself comiserating with Sosa for the first time ever in this Sox fan’s life. 

I just couldn’t move you see.  It was not something I ever want anyone to go thru.  For anybody out there who has a persistent back injury and someone starts giving you crap saying “Oh, it’s been so long… you can’t be in pain anymore!”  You take your preferred golf club/baseball bat/table leg/etc. and you… politely explain to them the inaccuracy of their statements of course!

Anyway… I was super bummed for the rest of the weekend, thinking I had missed out on an awesome opportunity and adventure that was happening 2 miles away on Northerly Island.  Fortunately by Monday, my back had healed to the point that I wasn’t crying out to sweet Lord Baby Jesus with every step and I went into work.  Then my co-worker who told me about her experience at the Mud Wars showed me the above link about how it was.  I’m thinking “Great, I missed out on Muddy fun, beer, games, and on one of the few actually nice temperature days we’ve had in Chicago.”

If you read the link, then you can see just how wrong I was.  I cannot BELIEVE that this event was operated so shoddily and poorly!  This was a bait and switch of epic proportions.  I mean, a 5K that was really about 1/2 the distance?  Obstacles that were poorly constructed and fell apart during the run?  NO organization in registration, security for bags, or redeeming promised food/drink amenities??  This is just awful and I am sorry that I even paid $1 to this scam artist that duped thousands of people and put on a crappy, likely dangerous event.  I wonder what, if any, recourse registrants may have in terms of refunds or compensation. 

This really makes me wonder about the validity of the countless other Mud Run type events that happen all over the country.  The phrase “Buyer Beware” never seemed more appropriate in this case.  Sigh…

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2 Responses to Slinging Mud: The Farce That Was the Mud Wars

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  2. Mr. Miller says:

    I can speak for the Warrior Dash, Muddy Buddy and Spartan – all three are legitimate mud runs. Many, many others are as well, I’m sure.

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