So We Can’t Go to the Movies Without Kevlar Huh?

I’ve only been to one Midnight movie showing in my life and that was with my wife Jaime.  The film was Snakes on a Plane, you know… that lovely little picture with Sam Jackson walking around a plane battling snakes.. (subtle title, I know).  But we went to the movie for the same reason everyone else did (until word got out that the movie was awful):  The only reason that movie happened was because of one line and one curse word Sam Jackson uses often (see: Fiction, Pulp) and the absolute simplicity of the movie’s title.  Teens brought rubber snakes, a group in the front row brought a giant plush snake that was about 8 feet long…we were gathered for a movie created from pure hype.  Afterwards, as the credits rolled and the yawns started to bubble up, I thought to myself… Well, that sucked.  It’s 2 AM. Crappy way to start the day..

So when I heard about this shooting in Colorado at the premier for the new Batman movie… I thought about that night and realized:  No, Leonard.  THIS is a crappy start to the day. 

Such a senseless, stupid, awful, horrendous tragedy that happened at the Midnight showing of The Dark Knight Rises in Aurora, Colorado.  I’m deeply saddened and my heart goes out to any and all people affected by this horrible person’s actions. 

I don’t personally know anyone who was killed or injured in this attack but the one victim that is sticking out to me is the death of Jessica Ghawi, a young aspiring sports journalist who loved reporting about hockey.  Check out this article over at Deadspin where they have gathered a collection of touching rememberances of people who worked with her and are just as shell shocked as we all are.

I hope that this guy, who I won’t name as he is probably just looking to gain notoriety and fame as a mass murderer, gets the worst punishment possible by law.  Unfortunately, no punishment that gets passed down will stop lone gunmen out there from coming to the same depraved decisions to take innocent lives for reasons that won’t make any sense to any decent human being. 


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