Is This Thing Still On??

Yes, your erstwhile Blogger Leonard is still very much alive and is actually planning on posting something a little more substantial!

As for tonight yesterday,  I’ll just recap the day’s events:

Took the morning off to take tests for promotional positions with the State of Illinois!  (3 years with IDES!  Does this make me an official adult now?)

Walked around downtown during a weekday for the first time in forever! (BTW … does your sense of entitlement change when you are a pedestrian instead of being in a car? Cuz I’m like Jekyll & Hyde when it happens to me.  I hate em when I’m driving but I love being one when crossing the street in front of them!)

Sat next to a transvestite on the CTA bus coming home after taking said tests.  She had a white baseball cap on, pink Lee Press-On Nails, a pink tank top, black bra and to top it off pulled out a basket of Chicken Wings and Fries and just ate them next to me.  So, yeah… try crossing THAT off your bucket list!

Came home, did the dishes, all while watching highlights of Paul Konerko’s Game 2 World Series Grand Slam; Scott Podsednik’s Walk-Off Game 2 Winning Homer; and Bobby Jenks and Juan Uribe ending Game 4 and the Sox winning it all.  (Required viewing anytime I get some time to myself!)

Jaime gets home from work and we go out to the new Five Guys that just opened up on Wabash across from Trader Joe’s.  Oh man.  I…That food is just so…  (hmm..) Let’s just say that we are through the Looking Glass people… and I think my belt just moved a notch or two closer to the breaking point.

Then we get back home and it’s time for late night laundry.  The time went by quickly since I’m about 50 pages into Game of Thrones now and MAN is this book thick!  I mean I read Stephen King’s The Stand which was 1000+ pages and it wasn’t nearly as tough to get through as GofT!  But it’s picking up a bit and they just introduced the character that Peter Dinklage plays on the HBO show, so I can’t wait to pick it back up.

And finally, What a storm last night huh?!?!  There had to be a few unfortunate Sea Gulls that landed on the streets of Chicago because the lightning just wouldn’t let up.  Pretty awesome display, although nothing beats the lightning show I saw out in Land O’Lakes, Wisconsin for my friend’s bachelor party weekend.  Picture last night’s display, just with every light in all directions turned off.  You could clearly see the person next to you when lightning struck up there and the next moment it’s pitch black!

Ok, that’s all I got for now.  ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?!?! 

But seriously, thank you to those who actually read this stuff and want to hear from me.  I get into these moods where I feel like my writing sucks, but perhaps this will inspire me to think otherwise!

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