Being a Fictional Black U.S. President Sucks

So watching I’m watching Deep Impact now and it just got me wondering: 
Why is it that in every movie where there’s a black president… Awful shit happens??
1) Morgan Freeman faces a comet that will kill millions of people after the one guy who is about to warn everyone dies in a car crash.

2) Terry Crews is an idiot president/professional wrestler in Idiocracy, a world filled with idiots.

3) Dennis Haysbert has a whole season of 24 dedicated to people trying to assassinate him BEFORE even being president. After multiple seasons of terrorists with nukes and losing his presidency temporarily, he finally gets to stop this awful job.  And as soon as he is done being president gets SHOT IN THE GODDAMN NECK.

4) Oh yeah. Don’t forget Danny Freaking Glover in 2012.  The man can defeat predators and star in 4 Lethal Weapon movies, but put him in the White House and the world LITERALLY FALLS APART.

(Spoiler alert : he gets killed after a damn BATTLESHIP DROPS ON HIM)

Just for kicks… who saves the day in all these movies?  Elijah Wood. Luke Wilson. Kiefer Sutherland. And John Cusack.

And yes. I am aware of Will Smith saving the day in Independence Day.  But you realize he was just a pilot right?  He basically was Driving Mr. Goldblum! And Randy “Dont Call Me Dennis or Late For Dinner” Quaid gets to be the sacrificial hero…and he’s a crazy drunk asshole in the movie!

So that’s all I have to say about that.

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One Response to Being a Fictional Black U.S. President Sucks

  1. Very Good Observation……Fully agree with you!

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