Reports of Common Decency’s Demise Have Been (Somewhat) Exaggerated

Ok, just want to get a quick post out here to talk about a moment on the expressway today that I couldn’t help but take note of.

So I’m on the Eisenhower (I-290 for those of you not familiar with the lovely highway system here in the Chi) and on the shoulder there were two cars and the drivers got out of their cars. The two guys meet in between the cars and I will now interpret gestures that were made:

Guy #1: “Hey, looks like you bumped me back there.”
Guy #2: “Yup.”
Guy #1: [looks at bumper, nods head once] “Yup, but I don’t see much here, we’re good.”
Guy #2: [holds hand up to Guy #1] Cool. See ya.”
Guy #1: “Peace.”
[both drivers return to cars]

FANTASTIC.  Glad to know that not everybody overreacts to situations that don’t call for the old-reliable “My Neck! My Back! My Neck and My Back!” routine. That is all!

(oh and Go me for reaching 10 posts!)

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