Writer’s Block

Non Sequitur

 Thursday, June 7|

See, it works on two levels… 1) It’s literally a “Writer’s Block” (ha!) 2) It’s the Stone Age… Just how far back can this dude go?  That one time his buddy got stepped on by a Brontosaurus?

This one made me chuckle, but also got me wondering.  What gets people out of writer’s block?  I mean, you got enough inspiration to at least start something, whether it’s a title, a sentence, or a series of random thoughts and meaningless drivel (you know, unlike my excellent, thoughtful drivel!)

But somewhere, that inspiration falters.  That buzz that got you to pick up that pen (or more than likely start tapping on the keyboard) gives way to doubt.  To that nagging voice in the back of your head telling you:Yeah, real gripping story there guy.  Tell me more about how Picard was clearly a stronger leader than Kirk.  So you stop, and then it’s seemingly harder to restart the engines than it was in the first place! 

So I ask, what do you use to overcome Writer’s Block?  Because, I sure as hell need to know!  (yes, I’m fishing for comments!  Even if it’s to say that I won some strange Nigerian lottery I didn’t enter!)

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