Lucky Seven! (Update: Great Eight!)

So earlier tonight yesterday the Chicago White Sox won their 7th straight game,  running right over Tampa Bay 7-2.  For a team picked by many experts to finish 4th or even last in the division, they have caught absolute fire of late to storm into First Place! (Ok, just by a half-game but it still counts dammit!)

I’ll fully admit that this year I had serious concerns over how this team would work out under 1st year manager Robin Ventura… but considering just how awful some of the Sox players performed. (Looking at you Dunn, Rios, Beckham)

But I am incredibly surprised at the fact that as I am typing this (while waiting for some freaking dryers to open up! Come on people! This ain’t your mama’s house… pick up your stuff! #rantover) the White Sox are the hottest team in baseball with a seven eight game win streak!

So thank you Paul Konerko for being the best Sox hitter aside from Frank Thomas in my lifetime of being a fan!

Thank you Adam Dunn for finding out whoever stole your amulet or sorcerer’s stone and rediscovering your Home Run swing!

And thanks to Alex Rios & Gordon Beckham for finding ways to look competent either at the plate or in Bacon’s case stellar in the field.

So heading into June the Sox will be in 1st place and now the test is to see if this hot 2 month start will keep on rolling!!

P.S. The Sox’s next opponent is the Mariners who are currently destroying the AL-Leading Rangers 21-8!!! Perfect timing!


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