The First of Many (or a sparingly few)

Ok! First blog post! Like losing your virginity, you go into the act with a million thoughts running through your head and the ultimate goal of making this experience last for as long as possible.  And for most, the experience ends poorly and with absolutely no guarantee of an encore..
Which begs the question: Who in their right mind decides to start blogging? Am I narcissistic enough to think anyone cares about my thoughts? (yes.) Am I the funny blog? The political blog? The blog where all I post is spectacular weird erotic fan fiction based on Twin Peaks? I dont know.. But for now I guess it will be a mix of carefully thought out ideas random musings ranging from sports (go White Sox!) to grumblings about my job (like mortitians, unemployment is a recession proof gig). 

Ok, time to end this before you give up and decide to go find silly dog videos on youtube!  Gore, out!

(note to self: come up with better out line)

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